Lee Tavenner: Owner/member

Lee is a native Montanan, renewable energy has captured his imagination since childhood when he dreamed of developing hydro power from the water resources on his family ranch. After touring the Lefel plant in Dayton Ohio while he was in college, he was more determined than ever to build his own hydroelectric facility and that is what he did.

Boulder Hydro went on line in 1987. It produces 500KW in the high water months. That is enough to power 250 average American homes.

Lee partnered in the founding of Solar Plexus as a way to find more work in the field he loves. Working alongside Lee is a learning experience. He isn't afraid to face the challenges of new technology or try innovative products. His work is responsible and reliable. He'll work hard to get it right no matter how long it takes.

He has been a solar energy instructor for the IBEW and he designed the original Renewable Energy Curriculum for the Missoula College of Technology.

Lee (Frank) is a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional™. His number is R102503-53.

Lee is an electrician for the state of Montana. His number is 2477.